We often hear the same reasons why clients were hesitant to contact Troyer Builders to develop their custom home.

1. “We thought you were too expensive.”

You will be surprised at what we can do within a projected budget. Years of experience building custom homes has taught us that just because something looks expensive does not mean that it actually costs a lot of money.

“We know how to save, where to save, and when to save.”

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We cut our teeth building spec houses, which means we fronted all the money and sold them when they were completed. That being said, we understand the importance of properly designating funds in a custom home build.

We take this same approach to building your home.

Now certainly building a luxury custom home isn’t “cheap,” but we don’t pick out finishes just because they are expensive. Come meet with us and let us look at your project. We will discuss your budget and see where we can land within your range.

2. “We figured our project was too small.”

Some of our favorite projects we have done over the years have been our smaller projects.

“We put the same amount of effort and attention to detail in every custom home.”

We find joy in coming up with beautiful designs in smaller spaces. Luxury homes don’t have to be large to be beautiful. As long as the footprint is right for you, then we want to discuss with you how we can serve you to build your custom home.

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3. “We believed you were too busy.”

Just because we are building a lot of houses doesn’t mean that we are too “busy.” We specialize in two things. The art of gorgeous design and the science of efficient construction. We are often building 20+ custom luxury homes at the same time, but we have the infrastructure and team in place to scale to even more.

The truth is that our scope of projects often benefits you, the owner. We get better pricing from vendors, suppliers, and distributors, and we get faster production from subcontractors because we supply them with so much work. Our projects are always their priority. Our commitment to our clients is that their project and their needs get the attention they deserve. We are never too busy for you.

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4. “We assumed another builder could copy your style for less money.”

Aye. THE DREADED COPYCAT PROBLEM. We see this all the time. Other General Contractors and Home Builders tell potential clients they can copy our style and end up with the same product for less money.

“We believe you get what you pay for.”

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Our standards are incredibly high.  Anything less than what we are proposing will get you shoddy workmanship, substandard materials, and there will be corners that are cut. When you see a knock-off in luxury construction it just looks like a cheap flea market handbag. The last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and then regret that you didn’t do it correctly.

5. We thought you only built a certain style

Many clients come to us and just want us to build a house in the “Troyer” style. We are more than happy to accommodate them with our preferences and design selections, but we are certainly not limited to any particular style.

“We know design, period.”

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We would rather tell you the truth upfront.

We are honest about costs up front, so you always get a reasonable bid and you don’t have to worry about going over budget unless you change the scope of the project. Many up front bids from other contractors might seem less expensive, but you end up getting hit with so many change orders that your final cost is much higher than you would have landed with us.

Reach out to us today. 504-400-5150.  We would love to sit together and discuss your luxury custom home.