Our Leadership


Greg got an electric guitar for his 11th birthday. 20 minutes later he taught myself how to play Michael Jackson’s Beat It. By the time he was a Junior in High School he was making $75,000 a year recording high school bands and rappers in his bedroom in New Orleans East.
When he reached his early 20’s he was bored with music, but had made enough money to build his own home. He got a CDL, borrowed his dad’s dump truck, and was off as his own general contractor. He felt energized. The passion he had lost for music, he found again in home design. Same itch, different scratch.

He enjoyed building that first home so much that he did another and another and another and started selling them as fast as he could build them. Soon enough people started asking him to help them build their homes. Greg says, “I love what I do everyday. Every home we build feels like I’m unwrapping that electric guitar all over again.” He would love to make music with you.

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